Yes, the encoder system is exactly the same for both the “old” green carts from our (discontinued) VDS-CART and the new plastic form Motion Encoder Cart (DTS-CART-MEC).

The exception is that the end cap itself is slightly different. You can attach the old end cap onto the new cart, but the old cap is not quite as wide. It also prevents you from using the mass holders on the encoder end of the cart.

An encoder from the VDS system can be attached to either the Standard Cart (DTS-CART-S) or the Plunger Cart (DTS-CART-P). Instructions can be found in the user manual for the Motion Encoder Cart Upgrade Kit (DTS-MEU) (available online).

Cart from top. Notice that the mold to hold the masses is blocked.

Cart from bottom.

End cap removed.

Motion Encoder System Troubleshooting and FAQs