The Graphical Analysis name has been used as a Vernier Software title since Apple ][ days. Since Graphical Analysis 3 is not used as much as it used to be, we have brought this venerable name forward for a new generation of data collection software.

Graphical Analysis 3 and Graphical Analysis app (version 4 or newer) are completely different applications with different purposes and supported platforms. They are licensed separately.

Graphical Analysis app is our new generation of data collection, graphing, and analysis software for Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, and ChromeOS. It works with LabQuest interfaces and Go Direct devices, among others. The exact hardware compatibility depends on the platform; for example, on iOS you cannot use a LabQuest Mini but you can on Chromebook with a USB port.

Graphical Analysis 3 (GA, discontinued) is a legacy graphing and analysis application for Windows and macOS only, and is a subset of Logger Pro® 3 (LP). Graphical Analysis 3 does not collect data from sensors. First published in 2000, this program is no longer under development and is now a free download at:

Graphical Analysis app (first published in 2017) is an all-new app and is constantly being improved. Details and free downloads are at: