The sample PDFs on our website were vey popular. They also caused a lot of confusion. For example, the PDFs are not editable, do not include the teacher notes (or answer key), and only show one version of the lab. We create instructions for each experiment that match the software for computers, mobile devices, and TI calculators. Teachers were often frustrated because the sample PDF instructions did not match the software they are using on their devices.

The lab books are designed to help teachers use lab time more effectively. Since the samples were not meeting that goal, we decided to change the way we distribute our experiments. Our website now has one complete experiment as a sample PDF from each book. Each lab has a web page that outlines the basic setup for the lab. To get the full experiment and the ability to edit it, purchase digital access to the files. If you purchased a copy of any book from as far back as 2002, the upgrade to digital access of the 3rd edition is free.

Upgrades from earlier editions with titles that include “___with Computers”, “___with Calculators”, or “___with CBL” are not free.

Registered customers can request digital access to lab books files at:

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