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How do I create an account on your website?

For access to our web services, create a free account on our website. If you own Logger Pro 3, you can use your account to distribute Logger Pro 3 to students or to your IT department. If your school has purchased books, access the electronic versions through your account.

To create a new account, do the following:
1. Click on the following link:

2. Fill out the registration form and click "Create Account."

3. After creating your account, the system will send an activation email to the email address you signed up with. Check your email and click the unique link provided in the message.
Note: If you do not see an email from the Vernier Webmaster ( in your inbox, check your SPAM folder. If you still do not see the activation email, please contact Vernier Technical Support at or 888.837.6437.

4. After clicking the link provided in the email, you will be taken to a page indicating that your account has been activated.

5. Sign in to your account.

6. After signing in, you will be taken to your "My Account" page. Here, you can access any of your site licenses, wish lists, and view workshops in your area. You can provide your school information as well as indicate your role(s) at the school and the subject(s) you teach on your Profile page, available by link at the bottom of the page.
Note: You can change this info at any time. To access your profile later during your web session, click the button on the bottom of the page "Update my Profile".

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Note: On July 23, 2011, we launched our new website. If you created an account before this time, you will need to create a new one. If you use the same email address to create the new account, any saved shopping carts from your old account will be available.
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