This information pertains to the original LabQuest and LabQuest 2.

LabQuest 3 does not support this functionality.

-Download the attached file named Photogate_templates.lqa
-Copy the file to a USB drive or SD card.
-Connect the drive to the original LabQuest (v1.5 or newer) or LabQuest 2.
-An updater will run in the same manner as our software updaters found at:

-Rather than updating your LabQuest unit, the Photogate templates file will create a “Photogates” folder on the LabQuest unit. This folder contains template files for the most common Photogate experiments. Rather than manually configuring the timing mode, you will be able to open a template file to set the most common modes.

Note: These files are for Vernier (BTD) Photogates only and will not work with Go Direct Photogtes.
Photogate (VPG-BTD)

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