Go Direct sensors have a battery in them for wireless applications. If a Go Direct (GDX) sensor is connected to LabQuest via USB, it will try to charge its battery from the LabQuest battery. This will cause the LabQuest battery to drain very quickly. This happens particularly fast with some of the more power-hungry Go Direct sensors, such as:

If you plan to take data with a Go Direct SpectroVis Plus and LabQuest, you can remove the battery from your SpectroVis Plus and it will function normally without draining the LabQuest battery faster than expected. (Note that this is the same battery as the one used in a LabQuest 2 or LabQuest Stream!) (This cannot be done with other Go Direct Sensors as the sensors do not function without batteries.)

In general, before collecting data with a Go Direct sensor and LabQuest via USB, make sure both the LabQuest unit and the sensor are fully charged. If you plan to take data for an extended period of time (>2.5 hours), you may want to have an AC power supply for your LabQuest available as back-up.

Note: The only Go Direct Sensor what works with the original LabQuest is the Go Direct SpectroVis Plus.