This is only an issue with older versions of Logger Pro and Logger Lite. Logger Pro version 3.14.1 fixes this issue. Logger Lite 1.9.3 fixes the issue. The installer is available from your account: How do I access Logger Pro 3 installers and passwords from my account on the Vernier website?

We do not recommend installing any version below Logger Pro 3.14.1 on Windows 7 or newer. If you attempt to install older versions you will have issues with the device drivers.

On August 22, 2017 our certificate for the USB drivers included in Logger Pro 3.14.0 and below expired. When trying to install Logger Pro 3.14 on Windows 7 you will see the error:

4033-Windows_cant_verify_drivers.jpg Windows can’t verify the publisher of this driver software

If using a PC running Windows 10, this error will appear:
4033-driver-fail-win10.jpg LabPro WinUSB driver installation failed

Similar errors will be generated when installing Logger Lite 1.9.2 or earlier.

A less common cause of this is:
Why does Logger Pro installer for 3.8.5 or newer complain about "unknown publisher" when I attempt to install?