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How do I access Logger Pro 3 installers and passwords from my account on the Vernier website?

1. Instructors, sign in to your account at

If you are already logged in, click My Account in the upper-right corner of any page on our web site.

2. Under Software Installers, click Logger Pro 3. Note: If Logger Pro 3 is not listed in your account, skip to Step 5.

2716-download main page.jpg

3. Click Download to access the links to download the software.
2716-lp download.jpg

4. Click the link to download Logger Pro for your operating system. The download will begin immediately.

5a. If Logger Pro 3 is not listed under Software Installers, your license has not yet been verified. Click the license verification request link at the bottom of the page to submit a verification request.

2716-license verification request.jpg

5b. After submitting the license verification request, you will see a confirmation message similar to the following:
2716-verification received.jpg

6. You will be sent an email notification when your licence has been verified. When you log in to your Vernier account, Logger Pro 3 will be listed as a Software Installer in your account. Follow Steps 1-4 to download.

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