Unfortunately, it is not possible to measure turbidity using the colorimeter. The main difference is the placement of the detector and the wavelength of incident light.

Turbidity is a measurement of the cloudiness of the water. In order to obtain this value, an infrared light source is sent through a sample, the sample then scatters the light in all directions. The detector is placed 90 degrees from the incident light to collect the scatter in this direction. This 90 degree scatter is presented as the Turbidity value.

In contrast, our colorimeter measures light transmission. We have four visible light wavelengths that pass through the sample, light that is not absorbed by the sample is transmitted directly to the detector. The light, sample, and detector are all in a straight line.

We sell both a turbidity sensor Turbidity Sensor (TRB-BTA) and a colorimeter Colorimeter (COL-BTA).