– Primary Test: Press the power button on the sensor to turn it on. The red LED should be flashing. Start the data-collection app and select the sensor from the list of available sensors. The green LED will be flashing. Rotate the axle to verify that the sensor readout changes.

-Minimum software version: Graphical Analysis 4

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Optical encoder: Bidirectional, quadrature encoder, 360 cycle per revolution
Resolution: 1 degrees or 0.25 degrees
Maximum speed: 30 rev/s at 1 degree resolution; 7.5 rev/s at 0.25 degrees resolution

If the sensor can be turned on when connected by USB but not when disconnected from USB, it is likely that the battery just needs to be charged. In this case, charge the sensor for several hours and try again. If, however, the sensor won’t turn on regardless of whether the USB cable is connected or not, and you are confident that the USB cable is good by having tested it on another sensor, then the battery has likely reached its end of life and can no longer hold a charge. In this state, the sensor cannot be used even if connected by USB, so the battery will need to be replaced. The rechargeable battery in this sensor is covered by a one year warranty but should last two to five years in typical use. Note that if the battery is less than one year old and the sensor cannot be turned on even when connected by a working USB cable, another possibility is that the USB port is bad. In this case, contact Vernier technical support for assistance. 

Rotary Motion Sensor (RMV-BTD)
Rotational Motion Accessory Kit (AK-RMV)
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