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Go Direct Rotary Motion Troubleshooting and FAQs

Go Direct® Rotary Motion Sensor , order code GDX-RMS, $179
Specifications and User Guide

- Primary Test: Press the power button on the sensor to turn it on. The red LED should be flashing. Start the data-collection app and select the sensor from the list of available sensors. The green LED will be flashing. Rotate the axle to verify that the sensor readout changes.

-Minimum software version: Graphical Analysis 4

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Optical encoder: Bidirectional, quadrature encoder, 360 cycle per revolution
Resolution: 1 degrees or 0.25 degrees
Maximum speed: 30 rev/s at 1 degree resolution; 7.5 rev/s at 0.25 degrees resolution

Rotary Motion Sensor, order code RMV-BTD, $169
Rotational Motion Accessory Kit, order code AK-RMV, $110
Rotary Motion Motor Kit, order code MK-RMV, $12

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