For amusement park physics, we recommend using the Go Direct® Acceleration Sensor (GDX-ACC). In addition to the 3-axis accelerometer and 3-axis gyroscope, the Go Direct Acceleration also includes an altimeter. Go Direct Acceleration will fit easily into a pocket.

A second option is the Go Direct® Force and Acceleration Sensor (GDX-FOR). This sensor is larger, but can still fit into a pocket (we recommend removing the hook). The Go Direct Force and Acceleration does not have an altimeter, but it does have the same 3-axis gyroscope and 3-axis accelerometer as the Go Direct Acceleration.

To ensure that the sensor does not become unpaired from Graphical Analysis during the ride, we recommend using a phone for data collection. The person on the ride should keep both the phone and the sensor in secure pockets for the duration of the ride.

To collect data on a ride, we recommend this procedure:
1) Turn on the sensor. The red LED should flash to indicate it is ready to connect.
2) Launch Graphical Analysis 4 app on your mobile device
3) Connect to your sensor
4) Select the sensor channels you intend to measure. We recommend all three acceleration channels and all three gyroscope channels. On the Go Direct Acceleration, you may also enable the Altimeter. Do not use the high acceleration channels.
5) Set data collection for at least 60 seconds longer than the ride. Time the ride if possible. You will need time at the beginning to put the sensor and mobile device in your pocket, and get appropriately strapped in to the ride seat.
6) When ready, tap Collect, and secure the sensor and your mobile device in a pocket where they will be secure.
7) Enjoy the ride!
8) After disembarking from the ride and exiting the area, examine your data. Save the data file with an appropriate name.

For a size comparison, see the photo below.