There are two applications with similar names available for iOS, iPadOS and Android devices.

Icons for Graphical GW (older application, left) and Graphical Analysis (new application, right).

Graphical Analysis (without the GW) is the newer application, and is the one most people should be using. This version supports Go Direct sensors and LabQuest Stream interfaces.

Graphical Analysis GW (or Graphical GW on the device screen) is an older application, and should only be used for specific purposes. The primary reason to use Graphical GW is to collect data from Go Wireless sensors. Graphical GW is also needed to import data from Vernier Thermal Analysis.

For details on sensor support in Graphical Analysis app and Graphical Analysis GW app, see

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Note: Graphical Analysis app requires iPadOS (any version) or iOS 11.1 (or newer) and Android 6.0.1 or newer.

Additional background information:
In order to provide consistent features and sensor support in our Graphical Analysis app across all platforms, we needed to make significant changes to the iOS and Android versions of the app. While we believe these changes are for the better, we recognize that the transition could be disruptive. In order to minimize this disruption, we created a new Graphical Analysis app for iOS and Android rather than force the new version with an update of the existing app. Since we want the new app to be called Graphical Analysis, we had to rename the older app Graphical Analysis GW.

This change means there will be two applications that support data collection with Vernier sensors in the Apple App Store and on Google Play. This approach allows you time to acclimate to the changes while we work to provide the widest variety of sensor support in the Graphical Analysis app.

While we encourage you to make the transition to the new Graphical Analysis app right away, support for some of your existing devices will not immediately be in the updated application. You may need to continue to use Graphical Analysis GW with some of your sensors, such as any Go Wireless sensors. Similarly, you may purchase new sensors that require you to use the Graphical Analysis app as they may not be supported in Graphical Analysis GW. In time, the Graphical Analysis app will acquire most of the functionality of the older app, and that app will no longer be needed. We do not plan to update the Graphical Analysis GW application moving forward.