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Graphical Analysis GW for iOS FAQ and Troubleshooting

General Product Information
Installer: in App Store

Create an Experiment
Tap Create Experiment to start data collection or manual data entry. Graphical Analysis automatically saves your experiments.
TIL 3322: How do I delete an experiment from Graphical Analysis GW for iOS?
TIL 3262: How do I change the name of an experiment in Graphical Analysis GW for iOS?
TIL 3648: Can I open an experiment on iOS, like I do with Logger Pro?

Collect Data
When creating a new experiment, tap to select a source for your data. You can choose Go Wireless Devices (Go Wireless Temp, Go Wireless pH, Go Wireless Heart Rate, Go Wireless Link), NODE, LabQuest Stream, Data Sharing (LabQuest 2 or Logger Pro), Built-in Sensors, or Manual Entry.

Connect to a Data Sharing Source
TIL 2725: How do I set up LabQuest 2 and Graphical Analysis 4 to work together via wireless Data Sharing over Wi-Fi?
TIL 2700: Why doesn't Graphical Analysis 4 display my LabQuest 2 in the list of available Data Sharing devices?
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TIL 2625: Can I use my Vernier "wired" sensors with Graphical Analysis 4 on an iPad, Chromebook, Android tablet, or other mobile devices?
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TIL 3447: Graphical Analysis (iPad 2): When I create a new experiment, I don't see an option for Wireless Sensors.
TIL 3650: Can I connect a Vernier interface to an iPad with a USB adapter?

Work with Data
TIL 2677: What happens to existing data when data collection is started remotely on LabQuest 2 using a Data Sharing app?
TIL 2635: Is it possible to analyze video in Graphical Analysis 4 on an iPad?
TIL 2653: Can I open data files, such as Logger Pro or LabQuest files, in Graphical Analysis GW for iOS devices?
TIL 2750: I imported a file into Graphical Analysis GW for iOS, but I can't see the calculated columns. What is wrong?
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TIL 3005: When I tap on an email attachment to open it in Graphical Analysis GW for iOS, it doesn't work.
TIL 3262: How do I change the name of an experiment in Graphical Analysis GW for iOS?

Additional TILs
TIL 2163: Do you have data-collection software available for mobile devices (iOS and Android - tablets and phones)?
TIL 3510: Why does my iPad keyboard cover the text entry fields in Graphical Analysis?
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