The Go Direct® Bluetooth® Adapter (GDX-RADIO) is a Bluetooth Low Energy USB dongle that is designed to add a new Bluetooth radio to an older LabQuest 2. It can also be used with certain computers, but there are some tricks. If you have a computer that does not have any Bluetooth, it is a simple matter to plug in the GDX-RADIO dongle and it works.

If your computer already has Bluetooth, the built in Bluetooth will have to be disabled before you can use the dongle:

  • Windows: Generally the most reliable method is to disable Bluetooth in BIOS, but it is also possible to do it in the Device Manager:
    • Right click on the Start Menu
    • Choose “Device Manager” from the list
    • Click on the “>” sign next to the word “Bluetooth” in the Device Manager to expand that section
    • You should have a “Microsoft Bluetooth Enumerator” and another device, right click on the other device and choose “Disable” (Note if you have 3 things, one of which is a “Microsoft Bluetooth LE Enumerator”, you don’t need the GDX-RADIO.

    After the built-in Bluetooth is disabled, plug in the GDX-RADIO and it will load the drivers via Windows Update.

  • macOS: This is not trivial, but it is possible. See:
  • Chrome OS: We have not yet found a way to disable the built-in Bluetooth on Chromebook without completely disabling all Bluetooth.

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