We released Graphical GW for iOS and Android as the last app to support our first generation Bluetooth sensors. Note that “Go Wireless” are wireless-only and are distinctly different from our “Go Direct” sensors, which have both Bluetooth and USB.

– The following are only supported though Graphical GW (iOS and Android) and LabQuest App version 2.6 or newer. There is not a way to connect these sensors directly to a computer.
Go Wireless® Temp (GW-TEMP, discontinued)
Go Wireless® Electrode Amplifier (GW-EA, discontinued)
Go Wireless® pH (GW-PH, discontinued)
Go Wireless® Link (GW-LINK, discontinued)

– We have no plans to release any more versions of Graphical GW.

– We do not plan to add support for Go Wireless devices other than heart rate to Graphical Analysis or Graphical Analysis Pro. Since the first generation wireless sensors used a different radio, we are not able to support it in the new software.

Go Wireless® Heart Rate (GW-HR) is the only “Go Wireless” sensor that is supported in Graphical Analysis or Graphical Analysis Pro.