While Pivot, Logger Pro and Vernier Video Analysis all offer a form of video analysis, Pivot is quite different from the other two.

Pivot is an online collection of interactive videos of real events and phenomena, wrapped in teacher-configurable exercises. Pivot videos are analyzed using tools akin to a meter stick and stopwatch. Measurements are made by the student on certain frames, and data manually read off scales and readouts.

Vernier Video Analysis and Logger Pro provide a more generic video analysis tool for frame-by-frame analysis. In these applications an object is tracked in each frame, with the user or software locating that object in the plane of the video with a click. Those X,Y locations are recorded in a data table, which can then be graphed. It’s as if one has a sensor that measures the location of an object on a plane. Derivative calculations provide velocity values based on these positions and frame times.

Both types of tools are useful for different kinds of tasks.