Go Direct® Spirometer (GDX-SPR)

Specifications and User Guide


-Primary Test:
1. Launch Graphical Analysis, Graphical Analysis Pro, or LabQuest App.
2. Connect the Go Direct Spirometer to your device.
3. Connect a bacterial filter and a mouthpiece to the side of the sensor marked “Inlet.”
4. Hold the spirometer upright and still.
5. Click or tap “Collect” to start data collection.
6. Collect data for inhalation and exhalation. Confirm that the flow rate and lung volumes are reasonable. Tidal volumes will vary between 0.5-1.0 L.


Do you sell mouthpieces for the Spirometer that are reusable or autoclavable?
Do I need to use a bacterial filter with the spirometer, and how many times can I use the same filter?
Does the bacterial filter used with Vernier spirometers filter out viruses?
How effective is the bacterial filter for the spirometer?
Why are my tidal volumes higher than expected?
Can I perform a custom calibration of a Vernier spirometer?
The volume measurements from my spirometer drift up or down. How do I correct for this to calculate lung volume parameters?
What are the dimensions of the disposable mouthpiece for the Spirometer?


-Calibrate? No. The sensor is set to match the stored calibration before shipping.
-No calibration process is recommended for this sensor.


Disposable Bacterial Filters for Spirometer (SPR-FIL10)
Disposable Bacterial Filters for Spirometer (SPR-FIL30)
Disposable Mouthpieces for Spirometer (SPR-MP30)
Disposable Mouthpieces for Spirometer (SPR-MP100)
Noseclips for Spirometer (SPR-NOSE10)
Noseclips for Spirometer (SPR-NOSE30)
O2 Gas Sensor to Spirometer Adapter (O2-SPR)