The Wireless Dynamic Sensor System was discontinued in 2019 because certain parts were no longer available. This multisensor included a 3-axis accelerometer, a force sensor, and an altimeter. When deciding what to purchase as a replacement, consider what experiments you plan to perform.

The Go Direct® Force and Acceleration Sensor (GDX-FOR) includes a force sensor, 3-axis accelerometer, and 3-axis gyroscope. This sensor is ideal for attaching to carts for a collision experiment, attaching to a spring for harmonic oscillation, or use in a centripetal force experiment.

The Go Direct® Acceleration Sensor (GDX-ACC) includes 2 different 3-axis accelerometers (one with a range of ±157 m/s² and the other with a range of ±1960 m/s²), a 3-axis gyroscope, and an altimeter. This sensor is ideal for taking on a roller coaster, securing in the nose cone of a bottle rocket, or placing on a turntable for exploring centripetal acceleration.

Note that the Go Direct Force and Acceleration and Go Direct Acceleration will not work with Logger Pro. They can be used with Graphical Analysis 4 and the LabQuest App (v2.84 or newer).

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