Vernier wrote three programs that supported data collection with a TI graphing calculator and the original Calculator Based Laboratory™ (CBL™) System. The programs also work with a CBL 2 and Vernier LabPro.

CHEMBIO, PHYSICS, and PHYSCI are data collection and analysis programs for the original CBL system. Each program supports a different set of Vernier sensors. The programs cannot be used with TI-84 Plus CE, TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition, or TI-Nspire calculators.

See our App and Program Transfer guidebook for step-by-step instructions to load apps and programs onto your TI graphing calculator.


Supported Sensors⚊Temperature, pH, Pressure, Colorimeter, Voltage, Conductivity, Dissolved Oxygen, Barometer, Light, Relative Humidity, Heart Rate, Thermocouple, Respiration Monitor Belt, EKG, Carbon Dioxide Gas, Ion Selective Electrodes, Flow Rate, Turbidity, Oxygen Gas, Electrode Amplifier, and UV Light.


Supported Sensors⚊Motion Detector, Force, Accelerometer, Microphone, Pressure, Temperature, Light, Magnetic Field, Voltage, Current-Voltage System, Thermocouple, Photogate, Sound Level Meter, Force Plate, UV Light.


Supported Sensors⚊Temperature, Conductivity, Force, Light, Magnetic Field, pH, Pressure, Voltage, Motion Detector, Microphone, Heart Rate, Current-Voltage System, Carbon Dioxide Gas, and Colorimeter.