This note refers only to LabPro (LABPRO, discontinued) and not to our primary interface, the LabQuest 2 (LABQ2). The LabQuest 2 has a standard Kensington security slot.

The following is a description of how to secure a LabPro, as written by Priscilla Laws at Dickinson college.

1. Drill a round hole in the end of the case just below and to the right of the receptacle for the connection to a TI calculator, using an F-size drill bit
2. Put an x clip device into the hole and close it like scissors so the holes in it are aligned.
3. Put a cable through the holes in the x clip and lock down the cable.

The x clips are available from Computer Security Products.
Part no. XLKB, $5.95 plus 8% for web order and shipping.
Computer Security Products is in Nashua NH.
Phone (800) 466-7636.

Computer Security Products also sells a full kit for $30 (x-clip, cable, lock).