We make it a policy of not recommending any specific make or model of computer. We have tested our products on many different configurations of computers, but it is impossible to test on all the myriad devices available today. We are not currently aware of any currently-sold computers that do not work with our products, and we always strive to stay ahead of the latest trends in computers.

For the purpose of using Vernier products, just about any new computer on the market today will meet or exceed our minimum system requirements. However, the world of computers moves forward very quickly these days, and it’s hard to say what you MIGHT want your computer(s) to do in a few years. For this reason, we would recommend that you get the best computers you can now.

Key features to look for include:

-fast processor (consider multi-core processors)
-lots (at least 4 GB) of RAM

As far as choosing a Mac or a Windows-based system, we are committed to supporting both for a long time to come. In fact, we still support the original Apple II products that started our company in 1981! The only differences in our current products for Mac vs. PC are very slight changes in the software to conform to standard practices on each operating system. These differences are so slight that nowhere in any of our printed labs do we say “If you are on an XYZ computer do this, but on and ABC computer do that.”

The exception to the parallel features of Mac and Windows is that the blind and low-vision accessibility features, as well as language localization, are available only on Windows.

Note that Chromebooks are not computers in the conventional sense; they do not run software written for Mac or Windows, and as such do not run Logger Pro. We have an all-new app just for Chrome OS, Graphical Analysis for Chrome, which is designed for Chromebooks. For more info, see
     Do you have data-collection technology that works with Google Chromebooks?
     What are the differences between Graphical Analysis Pro app and Logger Pro?

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