Both Pasco and Vernier have made many different sensors and interfaces in the last 20 years, so there is no simple and quick answer to this question. This document is meant to answer most common questions. If you have a compatibility issue that is not covered here, see Are Vernier and Pasco products compatible?

Situation 1: Using Pasco sensors with Vernier interfaces
Any Pasco sensor with a 5-pin DIN connector will connect directly to our ULI or Serial Box Interface. To connect a 5-pin DIN sensor to a LabPro or LabQuest, use a DIN to BTA Adapter (DIN-BTA).

Pasco’s newer Pasport (blue) sensors cannot be used with any non-Pasco interface. Pasco also makes sensors with an 8-pin DIN connector. These sensors cannot be used with Vernier interfaces, as they have different power requirements.

The Pasco Motion Sensor II can be used with the LabPro with a Digital Sensor Cable (MDC-BTD) adapter, or with a ULI using a CBL-RJ11. There is no adapter to use Pasco’s original Motion Sensor (CI-6529) with a Vernier interface, but it is possible to cut off the connectors and solder on your own. For details see:
Can I use a Pasco motion detector with the LabQuest, LabPro, CBL, or ULI interfaces?

Pasco photogates with a 1/4″ stereo jack can work directly with the ULI. To use them with a LabPro or LabQuest, there are two possible adapters:
Pasco photogates with a removable cable: BT Photogate Cable (PG-BTD)
Pasco photogates with a hard-wired cable: LabPro Digital Adapter (DG-BTD)
Note: Very old Pasco photogates without the red, indicator LED will not work even if you try every possible adapter.

Pasco lists which of their sensors work with Vernier interfaces at:

Situation 2: Using Vernier sensors on Pasco interfaces
If you have a Pasco Pasport or GLX interface (clear with a blue tint), Pasco now makes an adapter to connect 5-pin and 8-pin DIN sensors as well as 1/4” stereo jack digital sensors. We have tested these, and they also work with Vernier sensors. The Pasco order codes are PS-2158 (analog) and PS-2159 (digital). To use new Vernier BTA sensors, you will need the BTA to DIN Adapter (BTA-DIN) as well as the Pasco adapter. (Note that the Pasco adapter costs about $60, but this adapter can still save you money.)

If you are using a Pasco 300, 500, 700, 750, or 6500 interface, any Vernier sensor with a 5-pin DIN connector will work. There are two issues which make this a less than perfect situation:

A) Pasco does not provide calibrations for our sensors, so you would have to calibrate the probes in the Pasco software and save the calibration. Calibration information for all of our sensors can be found in the sensor booklets that ship with each sensor. Free replacement booklets are also available on our website.

B) Pasco interfaces generally use the -10 to +10 volt input range. Our 5-pin sensors put out signals in the 0 to 5 V range. This mismatch of ranges means that our sensors will have poorer resolution on a Pasco system then they would on our interfaces.

Vernier assembled photogates (not homemade) will work on Pasco interfaces as long as they have a round 1/4 inch stereo jack at the end of the cable.

Newer style Vernier Motion Detectors (with flip-top head) can be used with Pasco interfaces, using the Pasco 514-06766 cable. There is not an adapter to connect an older style (dark blue) Vernier Motion Detector to a Pasco interface.

In general, we try to make it easy to use our sensors with any interface you like. All of our pinout diagrams are available on our website.

For specific sensors, see also:
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