Go Direct® Thermocouple (GDX-TC)
Specifications and User Guide


-Primary Test: Connect the Thermocouple and ensure the thermocouple wire is securely connected to the thermocouple amplifier box with the + and – symbols are correctly aligned. The thermocouple wire is installed properly and ready to use if the LED next to the check symbol turns green. If it turns red, your connection is not secure or your wire may be damaged. Check the accuracy of the readings for temperature in room air. They should be within 5 deg C.

-Secondary Test: Place your fingers over the wires and ensure that the temperature responds.

Can I purchase a replacement thermocouple wire for my TCA-BTA or GDX-TC sensor?
Can I use our thermocouple in a bunsen burner flame?

-This sensor is set to the stored calibration before shipping.
-If you wish to calibrate the sensor, you may conduct a one-point calibration in software.

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