Michele Perrin, of St. Louis, Missouri, gets pretty creative with her Vernier labs. She doesn’t have a lab for EVERY season yet, but she has written some tasty experiments for Thanksgiving!


How Quickly Does Your Potato Cool?

Have you ever sat down to a Thanksgiving dinner only to find that the potatoes have gotten cold while other dishes were being readied? Does the size of the potatoes affect how long they stay hot?
Download experiment (PDF 229 KB)


Is Thanksgiving Dinner Really Aggravating Your Acid Indigestion?

Thanksgiving dinner is filled with a much wider variety of foods than your everyday supper menu. Which one of those traditional favorites is most likely to contribute to acid indigestion?
Download experiment (PDF 13.4 KB)


Who Really Broke the Turkey Wishbone?

Each Thanksgiving, there is a contest for who can break the turkey wishbone. Traditions vary as to whether the short side is the winner or the loser. But does one person really exert a stronger force over another?
Download experiment (PDF 150 KB)
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