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Inspire Students with ADInstruments and Vernier

Vernier Science Education has teamed up with ADInstruments to engage college students through interactive experiments for biology and chemistry courses.

Engaging Experiments for the Lt Online Learning Platform

Help your college students understand essential scientific concepts for biology and chemistry. Combining ADInstruments experiment collections with Vernier Go Direct® sensors allows students to record real-time data into Lt. Students can also use the included example data as they learn remotely. These labs are built on the core principles of active learning and provide real-world applications of scientific concepts. 

Biology Collection (34 ready-to-use labs)

Lt Biology covers core concepts in first-year undergraduate introductory biology. The collection introduces a variety of concepts fundamental to biology and biochemistry, including enzyme action, spectrophotometry, photosynthesis, and pH. View a selection of labs and try Lt for free!

Chemistry (19 ready-to-use labs)

Lt Chemistry covers core concepts in first year undergraduate introductory chemistry. The collection introduces a variety of concepts fundamental to chemistry, including acid-base titration, states of matter, heats of reaction, synthesis, buffers, and equilibria principles. View a selection of labs and try Lt for free!

Key Features

  • Increase student engagement and learning with real-life applications of biology and chemistry, high-quality illustrations, and hands-on data collection and analysis.
  • Modernize your classroom with ADInstruments’ sleek, intuitive online learning platform Lt and Vernier’s robust, reliable hardware.
  • Save time by using our ready-to-use introductory biology and general chemistry curricula.
  • Customize and edit the content to meet your needs!
  • Go at your own pace: Students can log in to Lt and access their labs and question feedback at any time to suit their schedule and study preferences.

Check out the Lt Biology and Chemistry Collections today!