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An Experiment to Help You Transform Your Chemistry Class into a Forensic Lab

Want a way to make chemistry class more exciting for your students? One approach is to use make-believe crimes to provide real-world learning opportunities with forensic chemistry experiments.

These experiments provide a fun twist on learning key chemistry concepts. For instance, students can use spectroscopy to “solve” a case of a poisoned drink and explore intermolecular forces while investigating a pretend arson.

In a recent webinar, we took a deep dive into “Messed-Up Makeup,” an experiment featured in our newest lab book, Forensic Chemistry Experiments.

This experiment is, essentially, an acid-base titration that involves the use of the Go Direct® pH Sensor and Go Direct Drop Counter. Students also learn about equations and stoichiometry.  

The premise of the experiment is that an actor develops a rash after removing their makeup and needs to be hospitalized. Acting as forensic investigators, students must identify the contaminant and determine how much was put into the makeup remover. 

Check out the webinar recording to learn more:

Chemical Clues: A Titrating Tale of Makeup Remover Contamination

Are you looking to incorporate forensic experiments into your chemistry class? We’d love to discuss options and brainstorm ideas! Contact us at or 888-837-6437.

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