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Boost Pressure Measurement with Our New Go Direct® Wide-Range Pressure Sensor

Go Direct Wide-Range Pressure

At Vernier, we value educators’ feedback and ideas. So, when college chemistry instructors told us they were looking for a high-end gas pressure sensor for their upper-level courses, we created the Go Direct Wide-Range Pressure Sensor.

This sensor features robust metal fittings and a leakproof seal, and it can perform experiments related to gas laws, vapor pressure, and other phenomena related to gas pressure.

Wide Range Pressure Sensor


  • Precision: Measures absolute pressures up to 690 kPa (100 psi) with excellent accuracy
  • Adaptability: Makes customizing easy for specific laboratory equipment and experimental setup
  • Versatility: Attaches to nearly any apparatus with tailored fittings (two included) and its built-in quick-release adapter
  • Safety: Replaces antiquated gas-measuring devices that require harsh and hazardous chemicals, such as dibutyl phthalate and mercury

Innovative Use Ideas

  • Investigate heat capacity ratios for gases. 
    • Use the adiabatic expansion of gases method to determine the heat capacity ratio at constant pressure to that at constant volume.
      • The pressure sensor serves as a manometer replacement where harsh chemicals, such as dibutyl phthalate, are used.
  • Gas thermometry experiments 
    • Use in conjunction with a Go Direct Wide-Range Temperature Probe to determine the temperature of one or more other fixed points, including 
      • Ice point
      • Steam point
      • Boiling point of liquid nitrogen
      • Sublimation of solid carbon dioxide (dry ice)
      • Transition the temperature of sodium sulfate decahydrate to the monohydrate and saturated solution.

Explore the advantages of the Go Direct Wide-Range Pressure Sensor!

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