Version 4.4 of Graphical Analysis for ChromeOS, macOS, Windows®, and Android is now available. The Chrome version is in the Chrome Web Store, the computer versions are available on the Vernier Graphical Analysis web page, and the Android version is available in the Google Play Store.

We’re very excited about this release as it includes support for photogates in the most common modes of motion, gate, and pulse timing. It is also the first release of the Android version, which adds support for Go Direct® sensors!

New Features

  • Tangent line analysis feature
  • Support for Photogate when used with LabQuest interfaces (not yet available on Android)
  • Lithuanian language support
  • Android platform now has the same user interface as macOS, Windows, and ChromeOS
  • Interface can be scaled for larger font size and thicker graph traces

Download the update for Graphical Analysis 4 »