Graphical Analysis 4 app keeps getting better. New in the last several releases is support for photogates, which means you can now use your Vernier photogates with a Chromebook. The much-requested photogate feature is part of a project to give physics instructors more tools in our free Graphical Analysis app, including support for the Motion Encoder Cart, Rotary Motion Sensors (Go Direct® Rotary Motion Sensor and Rotary Motion Sensor versions), the Projectile Launcher, and the novel new Go Direct® Sound Sensor, which combines waveform and sound intensity measurements.

In addition, with new tablet versions now available, Graphical Analysis has the same core feature set and appearance on Windows®, macOS®, ChromeOS, Android, and iOS. You can have a mixed set of devices in a classroom, and everyone can do a full spectrum of experiments, regardless of device. Procedures learned on one platform work everywhere. Files saved on one device can be opened on another, even if it is a different platform. Because device screen sizes vary widely, there is now an option to increase the size of text and other labels so that graphs are more readable on large screens.

Support for Graphical Analysis for physics is included in the 4th edition of Physics with Vernier, which has versions of activities written for students using Graphical Analysis on any platform. Experiments written for Graphical Analysis are also included with the 4th editions of Chemistry with Vernier and Biology with Vernier.

Our largest software development team is working on Graphical Analysis 4. New versions are released every few months, so keep looking for new features and tools. We have great plans for the rest of the school year to keep instructors and students in all disciplines engaged in doing science. This most recent push emphasized features of particular use to physics students. Prior releases have focused on chemistry and biology. If you have not tried Graphical Analysis recently, we think you’ll find that it has grown to be a useful tool for the most common experiments in these fields and more.

Graphical Analysis 4 works with our Go Direct sensors on all platforms and with most of our wired LabQuest sensors. As a result, making the jump from computer to Chromebook has become much easier. Best of all, Graphical Analysis 4 is free.