Our new Go Direct® Sound Sensor is an all-in-one sound sensor capable of capturing waveforms and measuring sound levels. Like many of our other Go Direct sensors, it packs a variety of sensors into a single unit and connects to any device you might have in your classroom, lab, or pocket.

Investigating beat frequencies with Go Direct Sound

Go Direct Sound is designed to work for all sound investigations. Are your students studying wave characteristics, such as frequency and amplitude? Use the Microphone channel in the Graphical Analysis 4 app to sample at rates up to 100 kHz and capture a wide frequency range of sound waves. Are you investigating sound insulation? Choose either the A-weighted or C-weighted Sound Level channel to measure decibels. Are you discussing the logarithmic nature of the decibel scale? Collect data from both the Wave Amplitude and a Sound Level channel simultaneously. Go Direct Sound has the hardware to collect data for all of your sound investigations.

As with all of our Go Direct sensors, Go Direct Sound can connect to a computer, LabQuest®, Chromebook, or mobile device. For example, students can use Go Direct Sound with their Chromebook during an experiment or with their smartphone during a pep rally.

For more information, sample data, and details, see the Go Direct® Sound Sensor page.