Physics Explorations and Projects is our new NGSS-aligned experiment manual for physics and can be used at all levels of introductory physics courses. The format is guided inquiry. You are provided with ideas for introductory observations designed to engage the students’ curiosity. Brief student instructions are accompanied by additional extensive instructor information, including suggestions for class discussion and example student results. Each unit culminates in a challenge or project, such as building a Rube Goldberg machine or an egg protection device.

The experiments are written for use with any Vernier software platform, whether you use Logger Pro® 3, Graphical Analysis 4, or LabQuest® App. Because each student group will solve these inquiry-based tasks differently, no step-by-step instructions in procedure or software use are possible or desirable. Teachers using Physics Explorations and Projects should be prepared to help students learn to use the data-collection software available.

Whether you are an experienced teacher looking for some fresh approaches or exploring inquiry activities for the first time, you will find some great ideas, tools, and supporting materials in Physics Explorations and Projects.