Go Direct® Motion

NSTA Recommends recently featured the Go Direct® Motion Detector in the article, “The Vernier Go Direct Motion Detector: A Modern Twist on a Timeless Design,” Reviewer Martin Horejsi provides interesting background and history on ultrasonic motion detectors before highlighting the “mid-21st century finesse and rigor,” features, and overall functionality of the Go Direct® Motion Detector.

In the review, Martin says:

“The mobility of the Vernier Go Direct® Motion Detector opens up new channels of scientific inspection. Of course there is the highly accurate and fast motion detection, but there is also the ability to easily navigate materials and angles, and interference, and most anything else one can think of at the intersection of the Vernier Go Direct® Motion Detector and sound material science (pun intended).”

And, he concludes by saying:

“The word echo, by the way, stems from the story in Greek mythology about a cursed nymph who was doomed to only repeat the last words anyone spoke to her. My guess is today’s students will echo each other when using the Vernier Go Direct® Motion Detector by repeating single words over and over like, “Cool” and “Wow!””

The complete Go Direct family of sensors offers teachers and students maximum versatility to collect scientific data either wirelessly or via a USB connection. These low-cost sensors can be used in more than 300 teacher-tested experiments developed by Vernier and are supported by free graphing and analysis software, the Graphical Analysis™ 4 app.

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