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Spark Scientific Curiosity with These Award-Winning Apps

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To help educators reignite students’ love of learning science this spring, Vernier is providing

Activate your free trials of Graphical Analysis Pro and Video Analysis today—and learn more about these award-winning apps below.

Graphical Analysis Pro

This easy-to-use app gives students the ability to visualize scientific data collected from Vernier sensors—boosting their understanding and engagement. In addition, Graphical Analysis Pro helps promote three-dimensional learning, critical thinking, collaboration, and deep analysis of complex experiment phenomena.

Ball Toss Experiment

Other benefits include

  • Data Visualization: Students can instantly visualize experiment data—increasing comprehension and retention—with richly detailed, customizable graphs.
  • Data Sharing: Students can watch live experiment data collected from their instructor or another student in real time and from any location.
  • Sample Experiments and Videos: Students can access dozens of experiment videos synced with real data directly in the app, letting them experience an experiment—even without lab equipment.
  • Versatility: Graphical Analysis Pro works with hundreds of experiments; students can use the app for detailed analysis of Vernier experiments spanning multiple science disciplines.
Data Sharing in Vernier Graphical Analysis™ Pro Overview

Activate your free extended trial of Graphical Analysis Pro today!

Video Analysis

This innovative app brings video analysis to your students in a dedicated and streamlined application. Whether they are in a lab or the field, students can use their mobile devices to record and insert a video for analysis, mark points to track an object in motion, and instantly see graphs representing the motion.

Video Analysis is compatible with multiple devices, including Chromebooks. It also allows students to conduct experiments that can’t be done with sensors, such as following a basketball in flight. Multiple experiment ideas are available in Vernier Video Analysis: Motion and Sports and the upcoming Vernier Video Analysis: Conservation Laws and Forces—and a free experiment sample is available to download for each of these e-books.

Getting Started with Vernier Video Analysis®

Activate your free extended trial of Video Analysis today!

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