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Vernier Technology and OpenSciEd Support Three-Dimensional Learning

In the three-dimensional learning approach, students need to understand critical scientific concepts, use them to solve problems, and understand how they connect to the real world. 

To support three-dimensional learning, teachers need access to high-quality lessons and investigations that incorporate these principles. However, it can be frustrating to find a reliable source for these materials. The nonprofit organization OpenSciEd was started to solve this problem by improving the quality of—and access to—science-focused instructional materials.

Vernier has teamed up with OpenSciEd to provide teachers with free hands-on lessons that use data-collection technology and support the three-dimensional learning approach. 

Vernier is proud to collaborate with OpenSciEd to give educators access to free, field-tested teaching modules that integrate Vernier data-collection technology and support the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). When Vernier technology is paired with OpenSciEd’s classroom-tested curriculum, students establish a deep understanding of critical scientific concepts. 

See how Vernier and OpenSciEd can help your students establish a deep understanding of critical scientific concepts through data collection.

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