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Engineering Solutions for College

Vernier engineering solutions harness the power of analytical software and the precision of high-quality sensors to help students sharpen their design skills and prepare to enter the workforce. As with all of our solutions, our engineering technology is backed by unparalleled support.

Vernier Engineering Solutions

Our engineering solutions help instructors challenge students to apply their knowledge to hands-on, interactive activities. With these solutions, students use data-collection technology to analyze different engineering designs and concepts, evaluate structure and material strength, and much more.

Featured Solutions

Introduction to Engineering

Give your students the strong foundation they need to excel in engineering. Our hands-on solutions challenge students to use engineering design process to build and test bridges, build a solar charger to meet certain design criteria, and more.

Wind Turbine Design

Introduce civil, mechanical, and electrical engineering concepts by designing and testing turbine blades.

Structures and Material Testing

Evaluate structure and material strength by measuring load and deflection, then graphing the resulting data in real time.

Engineering with Arduino®

Use Vernier sensors with Arduino to introduce students to programming, design, measurement, and hands-on projects.

Featured Use Case

Read how David Carter, an instructor at Kansas State University, Engineering Extension, uses wind energy in Introduction to Mechanical Engineering 101

Measurement and Instrumentation

Help your engineering students understand and apply sensor technology through our measurement and instrumentation solutions.

Biomedical Engineering with Go Direct® Sensors

With wireless options and multiple on-board sensors, Go Direct sensors are perfect for analyzing and studying physiology functions.

NI LabVIEW™ and Vernier

Integrate over 50 wireless sensors into LabVIEW projects or combine sensors with SensorDAQ®, NI myDAQ, or NI ELVIS.


Sample sketches, an Arduino library, activity book, an online guide make it easy to connect Vernier sensors to Arduino microcontrollers.

Engineering Education in Action

Read how Mikolaj (Nick) Mroszczak, a mechanical engineering student at Cardiff University, developed a web-connected medical monitor using Vernier sensors during his internship at National Instruments. 

Engineering Outreach

Foster an interest in engineering through coding, robotics, renewable energy exploration, and structural design and material science. See how these proven outreach tools can help students engage in the engineering community and build a strong foundation for their academic and professional careers.

Bridge Building

Inspire ingenuity and problem solving with bridge-building outreach activities.

Wind Energy

Incorporate hands-on activities into your community engagement projects by challenging students to design and test wind turbines.

Engineering Education in Action

Read how Maija Benitz, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Engineering at Roger Williams University (RWU), has integrated Vernier technology into a successful outreach campaign

Sensors and Coding

Students gain a deeper understanding of coding when they see their code interact with sensor data. Our coding solutions give students valuable experience using complex programming languages to affect things beyond the screen.


Use our free activity book to introduce NI LabVIEW programming in your classroom.


We have created a guide and examples that make it easy to start using Go Direct sensors with Python.

Arduino® IDE

Free starter activities help your students learn the basics of coding Arduino with Vernier sensors.


We have created a guide and examples that make it easy to start using Go Direct sensors with JavaScript.

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