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Arduino® and Vernier Sensors

Vernier Software & Technology supports hands‑on, do‑it‑yourself projects for students and educators. Combining Vernier sensors and data collection with the inexpensive, easy‑to‑program Arduino microcontrollers makes integrating coding and engineering into your curriculum simple and affordable.

Why Choose Arduino and Vernier Sensors

Help students build confidence in their coding skills and foster creative critical thinking through Arduino projects with Vernier LabQuest sensors.


  • Using LabQuest sensors with Arduino is a cost-effective remote learning solution.
  • Integrating coding, engineering, math, and science into your curriculum is easier with Arduino and Vernier technology.
  • Students get a better understanding of the impact coding has on the real world.
  • Coding Arduino projects that interact with LabQuest sensors help your students sharpen crucial skills such as problem-solving and collaboration. 
  • Engaging activities help your students learn the basics of coding Arduino with LabQuest sensors.

Featured Activities with Arduino

Calibrating a Sensor

In the “Using Vernier Sensors with Arduino®“ activity, you started with the sensor reading (the count) from the Arduino and converted that to a voltage. In this activity you will complete the process by creating an equation to convert the voltage to an actual sensor reading.

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Functions are groups of code that can be “called” to run within a program. As demonstrated before, they help organize code so that it is easy to understand. Functions are efficient, as they can be created once and then called within your code as needed—or even copied and included in another sketch. 

You have used functions in previous activities: “setup()” and “loop()”. In this activity you will create functions and learn how to “call” them from other areas of your code.

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Using Vernier Sensors with Arduino Guide

Our extensive online guide provides additional wiring information, sample projects, and sketches.

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