JavaScript and Vernier

Vernier Software & Technology is here to help educators introduce students to JavaScript. This programming language is essential for anyone wanting to create interactive content for the web, and it's a great way for students to sharpen coding and problem-solving skills.

Why Choose JavaScript and Vernier

Vernier and JavaScript™ help students sharpen the coding skills needed to prepare for college and the future workforce. Vernier coding activities are designed to challenge students to use JavaScript to interact with Vernier Go Direct® sensors*, which means students will see the power of coding go beyond the screen.

* Go Direct spectrometers are not supported.


  • Web design activities engage students’ creativity while teaching 21st century skills.
  • Go Direct sensor data integration with web programming provides students with a tangible, hands-on coding experience.
  • The Vernier JavaScript library provides resources that connect students’ coding with Go Direct sensor data.
  • Using Go Direct sensors provides a great cross-curricular approach that engages students in science, coding, communication, and web design.
  • Vernier coding activities with JavaScript provide a ready-to-use set of lessons appropriate for the beginner or advanced coding student.
  • These activities can be easily modified to accommodate most Go Direct sensors.

Featured JavaScript Activities

Introduce your students to web design using HTML, JavaScript, and CSS programming languages with these JavaScript activities from Vernier. It includes a series of easy-to-accomplish, hands-on exercises, using the Go Direct Weather System or other Go Direct sensors and free programming platforms.

Students will use HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to build and design a web page to connect with the Go Direct Weather System or other Go Direct sensors.

Working off the site students build in the first activity, they use their HTML and JavaScript skills to display data from the Go Direct Weather System or other Go Direct sensors.

Getting Started with JavaScript

Our JavaScript library has the tools to communicate with our Go Direct sensors through the JavaScript programming language. We have posted our “Getting Started” resources, including several example programs, on our GitHub site.