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Inspire the Scientists of Tomorrow with Renewable Energy Investigations

The technology age has heightened student awareness of the importance of having readily available power; global climate change has shown the need for that power to come from clean, renewable sources.

Wind Energy

With Vernier technology, students can explore factors that affect wind energy production, apply engineering principles to improve energy output and efficiency, and foster a deeper understanding of how energy transformations work.

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KidWind Challenges

Challenge students to construct wind and solar devices and to compete with peers in a supportive environment. KidWind sponsors challenges nationwide and online.
A portion of all sales of KidWind products supports the KidWind Challenges held throughout the United States.

Software for Renewable Energy

Collect, Graph, and Analyze Data in Real Time

Help students form critical connections between abstract scientific ideas and the real world. With the Vernier Graphical Analysis® app, students can visualize and interact with experiment data collected via nearly any Vernier sensor.

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