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Students quantifying Power/Energy from a small fan-powered windmill

Students quantifying power/energy from a KidWind Advanced Experiment Kit

Getting Started

Integrate data-collection technology into your classroom in 4 easy steps.

  1. Add one copy of a lab book for your subject

  2. Choose the interface that best fits your needs

  3. Choose the sensors for experiments you’ll teach

  4. Add one copy of Logger Pro software

Get Started in 4 Steps

Featured Products

KidWind by Vernier

KidWind and Vernier have teamed up to bring you the latest in renewable energy education. KidWind is a leader in renewable energy education and the delivery of green STEM education. Their standards-based educational tools explore the science and technology of wind, solar, and other forms of renewable energy and their impact on the environment.

Solar Energy

Wind Energy

See KidWind products for wind and solar energy activities »

Lab Books


KidWind Training

KidWind puts on workshops throughout the nation to introduce teachers to the science behind renewable energy, and to give educators the knowledge, resources, and confidence they need to effectively incorporate renewable energy science into their classroom curricula.
KidWind Workshops »

Vernier Training

We offer professional development with Vernier specialists who can help you learn how to integrate data-collection technology into your classroom.


KidWind Challenges are hands-on wind turbine design competitions for students. The challenges are event competitions or online competitions. KidWind Challenges »

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