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6.5 Neurons and Synapses


Here are experiments our science specialists have selected to support the IB* topic.

Introduction to Neurotransmitters using AChE

Experiment #16 from Advanced Biology with Vernier

In this experiment, you will

  • Observe the reaction rate of acetylcholinesterase (AChE) found in heart tissue.
  • Compare the reaction rate of AChE from different fractions of heart tissue.
  • Observe the effect that the compound tacrine has on the reaction rate of AChE.
  • Generate a dose-response curve for the compound tacrine.
  • Estimate the effective IC50 of tacrine on heart AChE.

Simple Neuromuscular Reflexes

Experiment #4 from Human Physiology Experiments

  • Graph the electrical activity of a muscle activated by a reflex arc through nerves to and from the spinal cord.
  • Compare the relative speeds of voluntary and reflex muscle activation.
  • Associate muscle activity with involuntary activation.
  • Observe the effect of central nervous system influence on reflex amplitude.
  • Calculate the approximate speed of a nerve impulse.
  • Compare reflex response and electrical amplitude in different subjects.

Educational Standard
International Baccalaureate (IB)
6. Human physiology

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