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that if mechanical energy is conserved, work is the amount of energy transformed between different forms of mechanical energy in a system, such as: the elastic potential energy as given by EH = 1/2k(Δx)2


Here are experiments our science specialists have selected to support this IB* topic.

Energy Storage and Transfer: Elastic Energy

Experiment #7 from Advanced Physics with Vernier — Mechanics

In this experiment, you will

  • Determine the relationship between the applied force and the deformation of an elastic object (spring or rubber band).
  • Determine an expression for the elastic energy stored in a spring or rubber band that has been compressed or stretched.

Springs Making Things Move

Experiment #11 from Physics Explorations and Projects

  • Design and perform an investigation.
  • Draw a conclusion from evidence.
  • Understand that the area under the curve of force vs. displacement represents a physically meaningful quantity that involves speed of an object.

Educational Standard
International Baccalaureate (IB) 2025
A Space, time and motion
A.3 Work, energy and power
Standard level and higher level

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