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Encourage curiosity, build confidence, and spark an interest in an engineering STEM career for your students. With Vernier technology, you give your students the opportunity to gain practical, relevant data-collection and analysis experience. Plus, engineering activities offer an alternative form of assessment and foster collaboration and problem-solving skills!

Engineering Product Categories

Arduino with LabQuest Sensors

Taking measurements with over 80 compatible LabQuest® sensors is easy using our sample sketches, Arduino​ library, and online guide.

National Instruments LabVIEW 

Introduce your students to LabVIEW, a programming language used throughout the engineering disciplines. We have sample LabVIEW programs (Vis) for SensorDAQ, myDAQ, Go Direct sensors, and other Vernier hardware.

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We’re here to support you as an educator as you implement hands-on problem-solving activities into your teaching. See how our products provide you with affordable classroom and laboratory solutions designed for student success.

Featured Engineering Experiments