Engineering, Coding, and Robotics Solutions for High School

Our engineering and coding solutions are designed for educators and driven by experience. No matter what career students choose tomorrow, foundational engineering and computer science skills are relevant for every 21st century learner today. Vernier technology gives your students the opportunity to gain practical, relevant data-collection and analysis experience.

Solutions Designed for Educators and Driven By Experience

Learning engineering challenges high school students to build critical-thinking skills and use creativity to solve problems and explore complex scientific concepts. Engineering in high school can help students get started on a path toward a career in STEM. Our engineering solutions challenge students to apply concepts using data-collection technology through interactive hands-on activities such as bridge-building and wind turbine design.

Featured Topics

Bridge & Structure Testing

An excellent tool for teaching engineering concepts and conducting bridge competitions

Renewable Energy

Students gain an understanding of renewable energy and get valuable experience practicing engineering design.

Engineering with Arduino®

Help students build confidence in their coding skills through Arduino projects with Vernier sensors.

Project Lead The Way

Empowers students to develop in-demand skills in computer science, engineering, and biomedical science.

Featured Coding Platforms


Our Python-based activities help students understand the importance of coding when they see their code interact with sensor data.


Strengthen students’ coding skills using JavaScript with Go Direct® sensors.


Give students a strong foundation of NI LabVIEW programming and valuable experience using data-collection technology.

Featured Robotics Solutions

Inspire curiosity with our engineering projects for LEGO® MINDSTORMS® EV3.​

Help your students learn how to organize, express, and share their ideas through block-based coding and Makeblock robots.

Featured Activities

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