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Scratch and Go Direct® Sensors

Screenshot of Scratch with Go Direct Force and Acceleration


Scratch 3 is a free, browser-based programming language that is designed for students ages 8 to 16 and supported by an active community of millions of users. Students can use Scratch to design music videos, animations, and video games while learning the fundamentals of coding. Scratch encourages you to share your work and “remix” others’ projects to create something new.

The partnership between Vernier Software & Technology and Scratch creates the ability to integrate data-collection technology into science and computer science activities. With this integration, students can learn coding by purposefully and successfully applying their skills to fun, hands-on coding projects. This helps students make natural connections between the digital and physical worlds.

Scratch is developed by the Lifelong Kindergarten Group at the MIT Media Lab.

Go Direct Sensors and Scratch 3

Vernier Go Direct sensors bring real-world data into your Scratch project. Engage your students in physical computing with the Go Direct® Force and Acceleration Sensor and the Scratch extension, meant to motivate them to collaborate, promote computational thinking, and encourage creative problem solving. They can make a Sprite move in response to the sensor spinning, tilting, or falling, or create an interactive art project using the sensor’s force data.

To learn more about the Vernier Scratch extension, visit the Vernier partner extension page on the Scratch site.

Scratch 3 Resources

If you are new to Scratch, the Scratch team has put together an excellent Idea page, a Getting Started video tutorial, and multiple Activity Tutorials. Once you are comfortable with the fundamentals of Scratch, our Go Direct Extensions will allow you to create new kinds of projects that use real-world measurements.

Compatible Vernier Go Direct Sensors

Using the Vernier Go Direct extensions with Scratch

  1. Step 1 graphic for connecting Go Direct Force and Acceleration sensor to Scratch

    Turn on your sensor by pressing the power button.

  2. Step 2 graphic for connecting Go Direct Force and Acceleration sensor to Scratch

    Use the Scratch editor.

  3. Step 3 graphic for connecting Go Direct Force and Acceleration sensor to Scratch

    Add the GoDirect Force & Acceleration extension.

Sample Projects

Vernier Engineering Contest

Vernier recognizes instructors for creative uses of Vernier sensors to introduce engineering concepts and/or practices.

Vernier Engineering Contest

Scratch 2.0 with Go! Sensors

Our Go! Extensions bring real-world data—collected from a Go!Temp, Go!Motion, or Go!Link and a compatible sensor—into your Scratch project.

Scratch with Go! Sensors

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