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The Acidity of Juice and Soft Drinks

Experiment #4 from Vernier Chemistry Investigations for Use with AP* Chemistry

Education Level
High School


Soft drinks are somewhat acidic. Along with “carbonation” (carbonic acid), many soft drinks contain citric acid and/or phosphoric acid. Fruits and fruit juices also contain acids, such as citric acid (oranges and other citrus fruits), tartaric acid (grapes), or malic acid (apples).


The objective of this investigation is to choose a soft drink and/or a fruit juice and determine its acid concentration. Depending on the beverage that you test, it may also be possible to identify the acid, or acids, that are present in the beverage.

Sensors and Equipment

This experiment features the following sensors and equipment. Additional equipment may be required.

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This experiment is #4 of Vernier Chemistry Investigations for Use with AP* Chemistry. The experiment in the book includes student instructions as well as instructor information for set up, helpful hints, and sample graphs and data.

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