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Life in the Fast Lane

Experiment #13



Car Chase Dead Ends: Police left empty handed as thieves escape on pier

HARBERTVILLE, Friday: Downtown was thrown into chaos last night as a dramatic police chase snarled traffic and sent pedestrians diving for cover. The chase was a result of a robbery at the First United Bank on Maple Blvd. Three burglars robbed the bank and escaped in an unmarked black luxury sedan. The pursuing officers could not determine the exact make and model of the car or read the dealer’s license plate taped to the back window. The police lost sight of the vehicle after the thieves reached the waterfront, skidded to a stop near the end of the pier, and turned into the adjacent loading docks.


  • Determine the speed of a vehicle before its brakes were applied.
  • Determine the coefficient of friction between a vehicle and a road surface.
  • Convert between SI units and Imperial units.
  • Rearrange equations to solve for different variables.

Sensors and Equipment

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