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Daily Life on Mars

Experiment #5 from Coding with Codey Rocky: Mission to Mars


While stories of Mars frequently feature stories of adventure, catastrophes, and wild escapes, the reality of living on Mars would be more mundane: growing food, collecting and analyzing data, and maintaining the machines that keep you alive.

In this activity, you will program Codey Rocky to perform daily tasks in your Mars settlement and learn a new way of organizing and simplifying your programs.


  • Write a series of custom blocks to perform daily tasks.
  • Practice troubleshooting when problems arise.

Sensors and Equipment

This experiment features the following sensors and equipment. Additional equipment may be required.

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This experiment is #5 of Coding with Codey Rocky: Mission to Mars. The experiment in the book includes student instructions as well as instructor information for set up, helpful hints, and sample graphs and data.

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