In the most of the previous experiments you have examined the motion of a single object as it underwent a variety of motions. You learned that an object subject to no external force moves at constant velocity. Suppose now that the system consists of two objects that undergo a collision. Clearly, the velocity of each object will change as a result of the collision. But if you were to consider both carts as a system, how would the center of mass of this system change, if at all, after a collision? In this experiment you will use video analysis techniques to examine the behavior of the center of mass of a system of moving objects.


In this experiment, you will

  • Use video analysis techniques to obtain position, velocity, and time data for two carts undergoing a variety of collisions.
  • Analyze the position-time graphs for the individual carts and compare these to the position-time graph for the center of mass of the system.
  • Compare the momentum of the system before and after collisions.