If an ionic solid is dissolved in water, ions are released and the resulting solution will conduct electricity. Dissolving solid sodium chloride (table salt) in water releases ions according to the equation

{\text{NaCl(s)}} \to {\text{N}}{{\text{a}}^{\text{ + }}}{\text{(aq) + C}}{{\text{l}}^ - }{\text{(aq)}}

In this experiment, you will study the effect on electrical conductivity of increasing sodium chloride concentration. Electrical conductivity will be measured as the ion concentration of the solution being monitored is gradually increased by the addition of concentrated NaCl drops. A Conductivity Probe, attached to a computer, will be used to measure electrical conductivity. Conductivity is measured in microsiemens (μS/cm).


In this experiment, you will

  • Measure conductivity.
  • Record data.
  • Graph this data.
  • Use the data and graph to make conclusions about conductivity.