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Using Research-Based Interactive Video Vignettes to Enhance Out-of-Class Learning in Introductory Physics

Priscilla W. Laws, Maxine C. Willis, David P. Jackson (Dickinson College), Kathleen Koenig (University of Cincinnati), and Robert Teese (Rochester Institute of Technology), The Physics Teacher, v53, #2 (Feb 2015), 114–117.

The authors explain how to use a series of short videos to enhance a physics class. The vignettes are based on physics education research and are distributed as free open-source software.

Light-Emitting Diodes: Solving Complex Problems

Gorazd Planinšicˇ (University of Ljubljana and The House of Experiments, Slovenia) and Eugenia Etkina (Rutgers University), The Physics Teacher, v53, #5 (May 2015), 291–297.

This is the fourth in a series of articles by the authors on LEDs. The series, all of which can be found in The Physics Teacher, is a complete collection of uses for LEDs in physics teaching.

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